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China International Ship Recycling 2018 which will be held on June 21- June 22, 2018 at Changning District, The Longemont Shangha,China.

2018中国国际船舶回收峰会将于6月21日-22日在中国上海长宁区龙之梦酒店举办. 上海市长宁区延安西路1116号

based on the success the of the 5th E-Waste conference in Shanghai, GDMMC is going to have the ship recycling conference in Shanghai China.

基于成功举办过5次国际电子废弃物管理峰会的基础上, 诺金会务将于2018年6月21号-22号在上海举办2018中国国际船舶峰会

Confirmed Speakers: 确认的演讲嘉宾
1)Sun Jun, Technical Officer of subdivision for protective, Marine Environment Division,the International Maritime Organization
2)Leyi Dong, Director of China Maritime Safety Administration
3)Lixia Zheng, Dr. Ms,China Chief Technical Officer, basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia
4)Wolfram Guntermann, Director Environmental Management, Hapag-Lloyd AG
5)  Gudrun Janssens, Senior Policy Advisor, OVAM-Public Waste Agency of Flanders
6)  John Koernerup Bang, Head, Sustainability & Shared Value, Maersk
7)  Dr. C.H Yeh, Ship Recycling Committee Chair, Asia Ship Owners Assocaition
8)  Keiji Tomoda, Chairman Ship Recycling Committee/ Japan Ship Owners Association
9)  Dr. Liao Yan, South China Institute of Environmental Science, MEP
10)  Simon Bennet, GM, Sustainable Development, The China Navigation Co.(Pte) Ltd, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd
11)  Tom Peter Blankestijn,  Managing Director, Sea2Cradle B.V
12)  Rakesh Bhargave, Director,Sea Sentinels(Pte) Ltd
13)  Dr. Anand Hiremath, Head of R&d, Lead co-ordinator for RSRP, GMS

More are on the way……………………………..
Conference Highlights:会议亮点
•Global Market Analysis 全球市场分析
•Safety and environmentally recycling and breaking in ship yard 安全和无公害的对船进行回收和拆解
•Developments of the Hongkong Convention香港公约的最新发展与近况
•The latest progress of prohibiting import the foreign waste, Progress on the implementation of the reform of the import management system for solid waste
•Status, challenges and suggestions of waste ship recycling in China我国废船舶回收处理行业现状、问题及对策建议
•Basic requirements of building a ecological civilization in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, discussion on the general concern and existing problems
十九大关于建设生态文明的基本要求, 我国拆船行业中普遍关心和存在问题的探讨
•Waste Ship Recycling & Breaking Innovation回收拆解创新
• Key steps, Planning & Correct measures for decommissioning of vessels拆解船舶的关键技术,计划和正确方法
•Updates on European Recycling 欧洲船舶回收的现状
•Development around the international Ship recycling legislation围绕国际船舶回收立法的发展
•EPR & Ship Recycling 企业生产者责任演讲和废旧船舶回收
•Vessel’s green Life Cycle of Product 船舶的绿色生命周期
•Ship Yards recycling & management in India印度废旧的回收管理案例分享
•Galloo company’s ship recycling & management    Galloo 公司的报废船的回收和管理案例分享
•Leading Chinese ship recycling & breaking experience sharing  中国有资质的拆船厂的案例分享
•basel Convention with Ship Recycling 关于废船回收和拆解,巴塞尔公约正在做的事情
•As a shipowner, Who believes that “Safe and Clean practices off the beach will be [“Should”] become the nor作为一个船东,始终认为远离海滩的安全和清洁措施将成为常态
•Under the new circumstances, where should China's ship recycling& breaking companies go? 新形势下,中国的拆船企业该何去何从?
•Development in latest Green Recycling Options in Asian Facilities亚太绿色拆船厂的最新环保拆解的发展
•Ship Recycling Strategies of Maersk Line in APAC 马士基的亚太船舶回收策略
Part of invited and inviting speakers below
    Ministry of Environmental Protection
    basel Convention Regional Center
    China Resource Recycling Association
    JAS( Japan Ship Owners Association)
    The international Maritime Organization
    China National Ship Recycling Association
    South China Institute of Environmental Science.MEP
    Hapag-AG
    NGO Ship Breaking Platform
    OVAM-Public Waste Agency of Flanders
    Europe Ship Owners Association
    China Assocation of Circular Economy
    Asia Ship Owners Association
    Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Corporation
    SRIA(Ship Recycling Industries Association)
    NV Galloo Recycling Ghent
    Changjiang Shi-Breaking Yard
    Maersk
    Environment European Commission
    China Maritime Safety Administration
    South China Institute of Environmental Science.MEP
    The China Navigation Co.(Pte) Ltd
    Europe Ship Recycling Group
    Sea2Cradle B.V
More are on the way…………….

Who should attend?
Ship owners
Sustainability experts
Ship Operations
Coastguard and Transport Authorities
Ship Builders and Shipyards
Repairing companies
Vendors and Subcontractors
Energy and Mining Companies
Recycling Facilities
Regulators, Consultant, Brokers, Financiers and Investors

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